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31 August 2015

Peter Pan

Queensland Ballet
7th July 2015
I was so lucky and pleased to see the Queensland Ballet's production of Peter Pan. What a magical show and what delightful personalities on stage. Great sets and beautiful music of Elgar recorded by the Queensland Symphony Orchestra. Large and very beautiful cast and full houses almost every performance. There was a palpable lift you could feel in the audience when the super charming Rian Thompson took the stage as Peter Pann and the laughter and sighs began. The excitement and mood took off. Not just a dancer, but an actor whose charismatic cheek, innocence and humour gripped everyone's attention. There were some great characters amongst Captain Hook, the young James Hook and the exceptional pirates who included the marvelous and standout Jack Lister. So daring and perfectly done was the aerial ballet as Peter took to the air on several occasions to swoop, fly, spin, somersault and gracefully skip across the stage and soar far into the height of the large space before us. in fact Wendy, John and Michael also took flight. No space was unused. Thank you so much for a great two hours and 15 minutes. 
Rian Thompson as Peter Pan
Photographer David Kelly

Choreographer Trey McIntyre
Composer Sir Edward Elgar, arranged by Niel DePonte
With Queensland Symphony Orchestra
Conductor Andrew Mogrelia
Stagers Dawn Scannell and James Payne
Set Designer Thomas Boyd
Costume Designer Jeanne Button
Lighting Designer Christina R. Giannelli

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and the Five Llewelyn Davies Boys
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