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01 February 2013

Romance, Boys and Beautiful Things.

There are always new things appearing to be cherished. At times I get so angry at the nastiness of the powerful, the religious and the greedy, but I also take refuge in the beautiful things that come my way. So soothing are the messages, the art, the music and the people who a clothed in conviction and love. It is heroic to be gentle and reject hatred, violence of any form and inequality. I am an old hippy and still believe in 'Make Love not War', 'Flower Power' and just being nice.
Rob Me Blind
Romance from the most beautiful minstrel Jay Brennan
Body Escape
To me he is one of the greatest photographers on Earth, whom I would like to call my friend Mustafa Sabbagh. A beautiful aesthetic soul.

Same Love
11 Million people watched this before I did so if there is anyone out there who has not seen this song I suggest you look and listen.

A 15 year old with two mothers and one great family.
This is exciting to watch and if you are like me and so many others, go get a tissue first because it is good. A great performer.

'The Rosa Song' recreated in 2011
Final scene of 1971 film by Professor Rosa von Praunheim "It Is Not The Homosexual Who Is Perverse, But The Society In Which He Lives' reviewed, rewritten and restaged.
The Uber-Fabulous Matt Lucas and David Walliams
 with Anthony Head

Tenor August Schram does Carmen's Habanera 
like you've never seen it before

And On The Eighth Day God Made A Gay Man

Another Masterpiece from Woodkid
Woodkid - Run Boy Run (Official Video HD) from WOODKID on Vimeo.
And this is just Fun.    Oh Yes You Are!
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