'I think therefore I am.'  Descartes            'I AM THAT I AM.'  Exodus.3.        'I am what I am.'  La Cage aux Folles

Me And Why This Blog

The Greek Symposium was an institutionalised gathering of men coming together to discuss ideas, share each other's company or just plain party. It was also used to introduce young men into society. The older men reclined on couches while the younger were required to sit up and no doubt listen to their elders and presumably wiser associates. Food and wine flowed and entertainment was often provided. The wine served was diluted with various amounts of water depending on the gravity of the evening. More water for serious discussion or less for sensual gratification. i.e. Relaxed or Drunk. The entertainment was in the form of acrobats or boys dancing or singing and these were often naked if the vases and art of the period is any indication. The young men serving as cup bearers were also often naked, but there were strict rules about not touching. Only the most honoured and wise of women were ever allowed to attend and that extremely rarely.
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A warning to myself!
Each of us are unique individuals, but as races or nationalities I believe we should claim no special pride. Our personal ideas and passions are shared by many merely influenced by time and background. To me, history reveals many common threads as we develop in different lands and different eras. Our cultures travel, migrate, intermix and cross fertilise in appearance, thought and expression. This natural development appears to me to lead to broader truths that eventually become part of us all. I do however also observe that it is not our language, but our use of words that seem to cause misunderstanding. Words have their own baggage depending on our experience, memory and understanding. One must listen to what is truly said not merely the words used. With this in mind I hope that no one takes offence at anything on this site. I wish to look beyond what I think I believe and try to see if what surrounds me is as different as is often supposed. All I know, my first premise, begins with "I am" and then I hope to understand that "You are". In addition I must ever be conscious of the reminder 'Do not think thyself wise'.

"It is unwise to be too sure of one's own wisdom. It is healthy to be reminded that the strongest might weaken and the wisest might err." 
Mahatma Gandhi
'I think therefore I am.'  Descartes            'I AM THAT I AM.'  Exodus.3.        'I am what I am.'  La Cage aux Folles
It is a surprise to me that over the years more than a million visitors had come to my previous web sites. I have been re-establishing here an outlet for me to share my interests and thoughts. It may not suit all, but as I have had many thousands of emails in the past, I believe that what I had assembled appealed to some. It is no more than sharing interests and I recommend referring to more authoritative books for full information. This is no more than an often updated attempt to spark some interest in our cultures, our past, our similarities and each other. 

You may eventually notice that I have been interested in many things.
I have filmed, edited, scripted and done sound for some short films back in the days of Super 8:- Diamond Dogs, Sweet Transvestite, Saint Sebastian with a cast of 30, He's So Beautiful and a piece with 30 metres of black chiffon, a Paris trained mime artist and some homeless alcoholics at sunrise.
I have written one unpublished novel and some related short stories to further develop the characters I grew fond of and I also began several others. The novel and 2 stories are here in full on this site.
I helped run an Opera organisation for a few years and we arranged concerts, film premiers, ran Radio Programmes, wrote newsletters and articles for Opera newspapers and put on assorted recitals, dinners and and functions.
I helped run a Theatre group for a while.
I have travelled around the world a few times,
I did try several University degrees for 5 years, but finished none.
I collect Books, Music and Films by the thousands.
I study opera, history and Egypt in particular. I have looked at religions and followed a long path from intense adoration to general disgust.
I threw decades worth of parties for hundreds and also alternated with being a recluse.
I have mixed with and entertained a range of people from Governors to Academy Award nominees, singers, musicians, artists and actors to the homeless and convicts. The rich and the poor, the old and the young and even a royal once. I have been emailed because of my site by Opera Composers, Journalists, Writers, Opera Singers, Archaeologists, Actors, Film Directors, Dancers, students, CEO's and lots of nice people and the occasional bigot.
I have tried a lot and continue with the urge to always dabble in something new. Film Making being my latest endaevour.
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I also received a small entry on IMDb which thrilled me as I use this every day.

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