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13 March 2016

Harold Pinter treasures

A SLIGHT ACHE & THE LOVER by Harold Pinter
Now Look Here
Metro Arts Studio Theatre
11th March 2016
 Last night a double bill of early Pinter by the emerging new theatre group Now Look Here. Directed by inspired Kate Wild who did a fabulous job on The Seagull last year and produced by the so charming and lovely Pip Boyce this evening had some amazing acting. The big talkers were Kerith Atkinson and Daniel Murphy with some outstanding physical acting from Zac Boulton. In this intimate and up close theatre at Metro Arts in the city I sat quite mesmerized in really comfortable chairs (what a unusual joy) and got drawn into the picture of upper middle class neurotic attempts at relieving the banality or stagnation of married life.
The first play 'The Lover' was a hilarious and pointed exploration of fantasy and role playing, dissatisfaction, sexual frustration all attempting to add spice but lacking security. The humour reminded me of some Noel Coward and laden with what I saw as gay English wit, surprisingly cool acceptance but simmering undertones.
The second play 'A Slight Ache' took a less humourous and at times agonising look at the search for something more, the boredom of presumed status and the fear of the unknown. Daniel Murphy had huge monologues that must have been fearful to master, but his performance was astounding. Similar to me to the demands put on Carol Burns last year by Samuel Beckett. Not just in the difficulty, but in the irrational and banal cloak that hides a thought provoking and internalising provocation. His obsession with the Match Seller as he peered out and then tried to understand was quite psychotic. Kerith Atkinson as his wife expressed her frustration with rousings of lust towards the visitor and an escape from her prison. 
Then we have Zachary Boulton as the enigmatic silent and dominating Matchseller. I don't wish to spoil anything but you see nothing but his eyes and they are penetrating, sad, reflective sometimes and oblivious on others. His stance with bent knees and frail bowed posture was enough to almost reduce me to tears at one stage. I talked to him and others later about his 'Thing'. Zac can shake and tremble like no one I have seen. I saw that last year in Sven Swenson's Beautiful Souls. Keep it Zac like Glenda Jackson's rocking which I have seen on stage and in several films. He assures me he has other talents which is so true. Of course Michelle Boyd and I got to meet and chat with everyone as well as Rosemary Walker who was there and Colin Smith. I at last got a photo with Colin having missed out last year when I met him after his star turn in 'The Odd Couple'
Me with Colin
Amazing acting, wonderful lights, comfy seats and writing to be immersed in. It is affordable and we must encourage the growth of a new company like Now Look .Here. Experience the brilliant acting and cheer on fabulousness that is Brisbane/Queensland theatre.
Shout from the rooftops at you friends, neighbours, family, politicians that there is more to life than American Television, Reality Shows, Grand Finals. Hollywood. Go and watch a real person in front of you in a one off shared experience of story telling, thought exploration, entertainment, music, seduction, etc etc.
 with Kerith Atkinson, Zachary Boulton and Daniel Murphy
directed by Kate Wild
produced by Pip Boyce
costumes by Penny Challen
lighting by Christine Felmingham
stage management by Domi Prince
Cast - Kerrith, Daniel, Zachary, then Barry (me) and Director Kate
Producer Pip
My thoughts which may or may not be informed but as always just how I feel at the theatre.

Just some Pinter notes from my first trip to London in 1975. 5 plays in the first 4 days and two involver Harold Pinter. One he wrote and the other he directed. Have a look at the outstanding cast

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