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30 August 2015

Carol Lloyd

I have neglected this blog for far too long. It is time to start tidying it up, deleting broken links and adding more content, particularly the theatre I have seen. I think I will start with cut and paste as many facebook writeups I can find over the last year. They will be out of order.
19th December 2014
Carol Lloyd in Concert
What a concert it was. The voice was as sensational as I remember it back in the day and on the albums I owned. You have never seen so may grey head bangers up dancing when she let go with some powerful rock.
My first ever back stage pass
The thrill of hugging Carol after some 45 years since University Refec concerts.
 Carol Lloyd back in the past as I knew of her when she sang at the University with Railroad Gin.
A rare old video of the sensational international hit A Matter Of Time
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