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30 August 2015

Black Diggers

Black Diggers
9th October 2014
Black Diggers. was sensational. Last night was greeted with a huge cheering, a standing ovation of which I was a noisy part. This show is an historic tribute to the indigenous volunteers, some of whom were but underage teenagers who fought in the Australian army for a foreign country when they were not even recognised as citizens in their own land. It covers the first and second World Wars and beyond, the soldiers, their comrades, their enemy and their families. Some of the finest actors in Australia portrayed a huge array of characters in various accents and stories that either had you laughing or crying. (even the hard hearted who never cry at theatre). Everyone was blown away by the power of this brilliantly written and directed play. This original work premiered at the Sydney Festival in January to a house full of Governors etc. and has come home to Brisbane. Next year it will have a country wide tour from March to May including capital and regional cities.This I believe will become a classic of Australian theatre. I was so thrilled to watch some of my fb friends whose careers are exciting to follow like Hunter Page-Lochard, Eliah Watego and Tibian Christopha Wyles along with the so evocative lighting of the master of bulbs Ben Hughes. I also have to mention the astounding acting and voice of the multi talented David Page who is a true treasure. Really the entire cast were amazing, but I only mentioned those I have a slight connection with. 

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