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30 August 2015

7 Deadly Sins

7 Deadly Sins
Expressions Dance Company
21st August 2015
I was lucky to get to see Expressions Dance Company new Natalie Weir ballet '7 Deadly Sins' last night. Central is the man Thomas Gundry Greenfield exposed to the sins as they strip away their ancient rich golden incarnation to be bare neutral unjudged temptations that we all know. Thomas is one huge dancer. He looks like a 6 foot 4 Rugby player. I think this is the third time I have previously seen him on stage in Expression's 'When Time Stops' 2013 and Bangarra's 'Patyegarang' 2014. He has such a varied background of sports, street performance, film etc. Visually imposing is also the very striking Benjamin Chapman whom I have also seen in the remarkable piece 'When Time Stops'. Composition by Darrin Verhagen was percussive, melodic, rhythmic and powerful. 

Facebook Page for Expressions Dance Company 

The evening ended with a standing ovation and a reception that I was not invited to. Pity. I do love sucking up to artists, thanking them and telling them how good they are. This became so praised as one of the most expressive pieces mounted here.
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