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31 August 2015

Boy & Girl

17th and 21 st January 2015
Oscar Theatre Company
Powerhouse Theatre
Last night we went to this awesome show. Like a huge broadway show there were 35 people on stage. Singers, dancers, aerialists, cheeky bits of flesh, cabaret at its best and an audience who cheered yelled and applauded for almost 2 hours. It began before it began when the sensational and thoroughly gorgeous dancer Tyrel Dulvarie tapped me on the shoulder to say hello. I also ran into him after the show and complimented him on being outstanding yet again. I have seen him on stage before. Then we were treated to some amazing voices, some gorgeous dancing and some raunchy cross gender comedy and pathos. I managed to also meet the wonderful talented Rune Nydal after the show and sent my profound congratulations to another fb friend Dan Venz who was still backstage between the two shows last night. I have seen Dan on stage so often this year and also in the audience.

There were so many outstanding performers like the awesome voice of Josh R H Daveta. It is a must see and the standard and breadth of this show is a cultural highlight so soon in the year. Sexy, Talented, Pro Equality, just plain brilliant and did I mention sexy and fleshy as hell.

 I wanted to go again before it finished so I did. When I returned to see it a second time I was besieged at my table by so many from the cast and also the director came to say hello. I ended up making friends with eleven cast members and have continued to see them so often on stage and attending heaps of theatrical events all year. Some are setting off to Europe and America to further their careers, some have joined top companies and all are so talented and gorgeous. It was quite a collection of top talents.
Some I met were the stunning dancer Tyrel Dulvarie, musical Dan Venz, Rune Nydal, personality plus Josh R H Daveta, Jack Carter, Christopher Joseph, Ethan Dean , golden voiced Garret Rueben Lyon yet another rising star, and the super ball of fun that is Adwan Dickson, super singer Ellen Reed and the physique himself Zachary Denman.
 This is just too too sexy for words. Ellen's soaring voice and bare bums.
Click this link below for the brilliant finale with full cast.
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