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30 August 2015

Leigh Buchanan

The Devil Wears Leigh Buchanan
13th December 2014
So popular is Leigh that the audience were screaming and stomping before he even ventured onto the stage.

Leigh has become a lovely friend and I recently saw him at A Country Song and at many other shows. He has become responsible for some of the most elegant and beautiful costumes for plays in Brisbane and manages to make our actors look spectacularly beautiful.

He is a story teller, a sharp tongued socialite and a singer and his reminisces of growing up here are hysterical, poignant and just entertaining. I was lucky to see the lovely Thomas Larkin in the audience and get a hug and also Troy Armstrong who produced the show as well as super dancer Gabriel Commerford and singer Luke Kennedy. A veritable who's who of local entertainers coming to see Leigh shine so brightly. I came out for a drink and ran into the stars of Briefs whom I had just seen the previous evening. More hugs and a fantastic night.

Leigh Buchanan is known to all Australia since his show stealing appearance on Project Runway and he uses those talents to create not only fashion but glorious costumes for so many theatre production in Brisbane. He dresses international stars and performers alike. And he is a gorgeous man to know.
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