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21 March 2012

The Franco Brothers

Thanks to parents Doug (passed away September 2011) and Betsy Franco we have some remarkably talented and oh so interesting boys. They are described as academic, liberal and largely secular so what a great upbringing for a wonderful, talented and artistic family.
James Franco
Born 18 April 1978 and he is 5'10". His first Film/TV appearances began in 1997. He has a remarkable 74 acting roles to his credit already (I only have 14 so far on DVD) and then there are 16 as director, 12 as writer, and then producer etc. etc. 
My collection of James Franco DVD's.
I will also have these 3 when they are released.  There are another 10 in the works.
Dedicated to study, he has moved from Bachelor Degrees to Masters and heading toward a Doctorate, studying English and Creative Writing while studying at three different schools including Yale at last I heard. Obsessively busy, he has received criticism for this for reasons that elude me. He is a fascinating man who has played and directed numerous gay characters and continues to do so. He will play large and small roles and appears to be plotting his own individual path. Brilliant!!
The Feast of Stephen
James Franco wrote and directed this student film, which includes nudity, about gay bullying based on a poem by American Anthony Hecht.

James Franco kissing himself.

From an interview with one of my favourite film directors that I have corresponded with on several occasions Bruce La Bruce on http://www.queerty.com/

I Want Your Love director Travis Mathews is directing James Franco in what he calls a “homo-sex-art-film.” Can you shed some light on Franco’s fascination with playing gay and his “queering” of the male heartthrob?   -  I’m friends with James, and I’m supposed to be collaborating with him on a film project also. But he’s very promiscuous, artistically speaking, so we’ll see if it actually happens! But I think his interest in the gay experience is quite endearing, actually. A friend of mine, Mark Ewert, was lovers with Allan Ginsberg when he was 18 and Ginsberg was in his 70s. Mark thinks James really nailed his portrayal of Ginsberg [in Howl], which I thought was quite an important endorsement. He’s obviously sincere in his interest in queer culture, and I think he particularly relates to the old-school rebels who were at the forefront of gay liberation, which is a good thing. I loved the project he did with Gus Van Sant, in which he did his own re-edit of My Own Private Idaho based on an early draft of the script, and also made a Super 8 remake of the movie with younger actors. It’s really fresh.

Dave Franco
Born 12 June 1985 and he is 5'7". His film/TV appearances began in 2006. He is the youngest and smallest of the three brothers and has a lot of comedy under his belt. He is also gorgeous. Dave Franco is in a few of my DVD's like 'Milk', 'The Shortcut', 'Charlie St, Cloud', 'Fright Night', 21 Jump Street'. and his brother's 'The Broken Tower'.
3 short and very funny video's of Dave Franco.

Or Watch Dave Franco and Chris Mintz-Plasse video "You're So Hot"

And even more from the Franco Family - 
Tom Franco
For Tom's art, sculpture, bio etc.
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