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15 March 2012

The Diamond Celebration

Royal Jubilee
The celebration of a Royal Jubilee seems to date back to Namer, the first Pharaoh of a united Ancient Egypt some 5,200 years ago. Known as the Heb-Sed it was generally declared after 30 years on the throne and then every 3 years, but this was not always so and varied according to political necessity. The Mace Head of Namer shown below apparently records the Jubilee celebration. Beside this is Pharaoh Pepi I dressed to celebrate his Heb-Seb in 2362 BCE. (note Pepi is the name of my blog although I am thinking of his son Pepi II and my dog of course) To replace a tendency to possible assassination of a Pharaoh thought too old to rule, the festival, which often involved physical feats and running, was meant to rejuvenate the Pharaoh's strength, stamina and virility. 
Although the extensive tours this year will see a test of stamina for The Queen I do not expect to see her racing down the Mall although Queens such as Hatshetsup, who took on the garb and false beard of a king, is shown running with the sacred Apis Bull at her Heb-Sed.
The Diamond Jubilee of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II
It is now 60 years since Princess Elizabeth heard of the death of her father King George VI on the 6th February 1952  while she was on a visit to Kenya. At this moment she became Queen of Britain and all her considerable realms. She returned immediately to The United Kingdom and was met at the airport by her first Prime Minister Winston Churchill. It was not until the 2nd. June the following year 1953, that she was finally crowned. To date she has had 12 UK and 12 Australian Prime Ministers and in that time there have been 12 US Presidents. She met all except LBJ. Her length and quality of service are outstanding by any reckoning.
This would brighten up the Guard of Honour for Her Majesty.
Give her a present of a real inspection of her fit troops for the Jubilee.
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