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17 March 2012

Charles Dickens is 200.

2012 marks 200 Years since Charles Dickens was born in Portsmouth on the 7th February 1812.
UPDATE 23 rd March:- As part of the celebration I went to see Miriam Margolyes in her one woman show "Dicken's Women" which returned to Australian stages after a very successful tour a few years back. An astounding and enjoyable evening of performances of many of the women in the stories of Charles Dickens. Accompanied by a pianist and on a set which included three chairs and a replica of Dickens own lecture stand as shown in the sketch below, Margolyes, now 71, skipped from voice to voice as she recreated the life and mind of Dickens, his family and his character creations. As I left the theatre it was some time before I could speak as by the end I had changed from laughter to tears and it was several minutes walking down the street until I could regain my voice and clear my eyes. A brilliant evening.

Actor, lesbian, socialist, Jewish marriage equality advocate Miriam Margoyles becomes Australian Citizen on Australia Day 26th January 2013.  Great to have her settled here with her Australian partner of over forty years.

Apart from  non fiction, a play and many short stories he wrote the following fiction. 
A Christmas Carol
A Message from the Sea
A Tale of Two Cities
All The Year Round
American Notes
Barnaby Rudge
Bleak House
David Copperfield
Dombey and Son
Great Expectations
Hard Times
Holiday Romance
Hunted Down
Little Dorrit
Martin Chuzzlewit
Master Humphrey’s Clock
Mudfog and Other Sketches
Nicholas Nickleby
Oliver Twist
Our Mutual Friend
Reprinted Pieces
Sketches by Boz
Stories About Children Every Child Can Read
The Battle of Life
The Chimes
The Cricket on the Hearth
The Haunted Man and the Ghost’s Bargain
The Lazy Tour of Two Idle Apprentices
The Mystery of Edwin Drood
The Old Curiosity Shop
The Pickwick Papers
The Uncommercial Traveller

Gay Actress and Dickens expert Miraim Margolyes discusses Charles Dickens.

Gay Actor and another Dickens expert Simon Callow discusses Charles Dickens. 
Leading the global celebrations of this anniversary is Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall who has special interest and support for reading. Seen below the Prince lays a wreath on the grave of Charles Dickens in Poet's Corner of Westminster Abbey. Dickens died on the 9th June 1870
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