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08 March 2012

The Olympic Games past, 2012 and future.

Well there will be and is so much about the Olympics on the internet that my token entries are not really required, however I thought I might start adding bits that appeal to me. I am not a great sporting person and in fact apart from a 4 yearly interest in the more aesthetic aspects of the competition I tend to avoid sport altogether. My personal career in sport involved being forced to participate when I was in school. I did win a swimming and running race once as I recall although I do have memories of stopping dead on the field when I noticed I was in front of all the other runners. I hated to stand out. I was also made a football team captain once, but my memory of that is the coach yelling at me "You're the captain, Tell them what to do!" to which stood still mid field, folded my arms and yelled back "I will not!". Then there was cricket and fielding I once picked up the ball threw it and it landed fifteen feet behind me. However there are some lovely and charming athletes worth noticing.
The beautiful gay Australian diving super champion
 Matthew Mitcham.
Born in 1988 here in Brisbane, my hometown. A local boy made good. Also he is to be commended for being the only openly gay winner at the 2008 games. In his final dive for the gold medal he scored 112.10 including 4 perfect 10's to receive the highest single dive score in Olympic history. He was also the first Australian to win that gold in 84 years.
Cute British champion diver Tom Daley knows he is sexy.

Leni Riefenstahl's Olympia
It was made as Nazi propaganda, but it is a huge masterpiece of cinema. 
The DVD is available and is stunning to watch.
A brief Olympic history taken from various sources.

Olympians photographed
Gregor Tait                              Grant Hacket                              Ian Thorpe 
Apolo Anton Ohno                            Evan Lysacek                               Phillips Idowu
Gymnast Stephen Gaudette was heading for the Olympics, but diverted to adult movies.
QEII the star of the show
For The Future
American Johnny Weir going for Winter Olympics 2014
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