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05 April 2012

Cyril Auvity

He is French he is versatile, he is attractive and he has a beautiful voice, Originally a Physics graduate before completing his musical studies at Lille in 1999. He is fabulous and magnetic to watch on stage and even been glorified for his great butt. A young and highly praised tenor whom I have also seen referred to once as a counter-tenor (?). I have only just come across him and look forward to discovering more of this gem in the operatic world. Below are the 4 DVD's and one CD I have so far.
Four Opera DVDs I have with Cyril Auvity
'Persee' by Jean-Baptiste Lully
Cyril Auvity stars as the title character Perseus. I do not know the background in detail, but one can imagine sitting with the court of Louis XIV at Versailles, where it premiered in 1682. Perhaps the Sun King himself may have danced. I like to imagine that. Lully who was gay had a wonderful camp scene with the male strutting, smirking Medusa and gorgons having banter with an effeminate Mercury. At least in this beautiful production from Toronto. Auvity looks sexy in this opera and it is no wonder the various women are sighing for his love. So well worth buying the DVD.
'Salustia' by Giovanni Batitsta Pergolesi
I have a downloaded copy from a TV broadcast only and unfortunately the sound and vision are not synchronised. I await the day when it is released on DVD proper for me to buy. The production is stunning and there are some outstanding homoerotic scenes .
'Il Ritorno D'Ulisse In Patria' by Claudio Giovanni Antonio Monterverdi
Beautiful production and I own the DVD. Such wonderful singing and one of the three William Christie Monterverdi's and barefoot as well. Auvity is Telemachus the son of Ulysses and Penelope.
'Orfeo' by Claudio Giovanni Antonio Monterverdi
(amazing production but I can't find clip with Auvity) 
This is the first in a series of three Monterverdi operas mounted by the great conductor William Christie. The second being 'The Return of Ulysses to Patria' above. The last of the three just released on DVD is 'The Coronation of Poppea' with my favourites , the remarkable and divine Philippe Jaroussky and Max Emanuel Cencic

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