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07 April 2012

New photos I love

Some new and some old but I have seen fit to capture them to remind me of great, interesting, inspiring and beautiful people and events.
Rufus Wainright bows to Queen              Sir Ian McKellen is proud
Stephen Hawking at 70 on set with the Big Bang Theory guys.
Ricky Martin and family - Carlos and the twins Matteo and Valentino
Looking Simply And Glamorously Divine
Some friends from Facebook etc.
Stylish erotic art of  Felix d'Eon
Alex Stoddard
My friend the beautiful tenor at home in Romania.  Bogdan Mihai 
David Pereira                     Pavel Stankevich          Eike von Stukenbrok
Three beautiful boys above who can twist it, bend it and do all things physically stunning. I have been following them for some time now.
      Australian model Andrej Pejic        Actor photographer etc. Marcell Schlutt
 The stunning work of photographer Mustafa Sabbagh
The fabulous David Hoyle actor and performance artist
 Two of my favourite photos of actor, dancer, photographer Anton Risan
And of course one can never have too much of my most inspirational artist, singer, actor etc 

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