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10 September 2015


10th June 2015
La Boite
Great theatre just never ceases in Brisbane. Last night I had the great pleasure of seeing one of our most outstanding actors Christen O'Leary giving her powerful all as the tragic Medea. Driven to murder as she is cornered by the immature machinations of the not terribly heroic Jason, she is for me, always a character more pitied than scorned for the horrors she enacts. 

Does she have a choice when all is lost. Jealousy certainly leads to the death of Glauce, but who's fault is it that this abandoned woman sacrifices the children. In this production I felt all fingers point to Jason. Anyway Christen is phenomenal as she always is and this year I see her twice more in 'The Seagull' being re worked by the amazing Daniel Evans and then in the musical 'Ladies in Black' music by Tim Finn.
 I just loved the wax dripped set and the enormous Candelabra centre stage which for me harked to the tree on which the Golden Fleece had hung and which was the central cause of all this misery. This was further emphasised for me when the nurse climbed into the tree to model the glittery cloak soon to be infused with poison. 
One great stroke of genius was the addition of a commenting Chorus of brilliant singing voices. After the show I was able to shake hands with Annika Hinrichs whom I had just recently seen and heard her strong beautiful voice in the Con production of 'The Coronation of Poppea' and I also had a brief chat with young brilliant baritone and composer Connor D'Netto. Connor by the way just won the  7th Melbourne International Chamber Music Competition. I just loved the music for Medea composed by Gordon Hamilton. Looking through the credits I found the lighting done by the always perfect Ben Hughes and there was costume maker Leigh Alexander Buchanan. Leaving the theatre another surprise thrill was a chat with the other two stars Helen Christinson and Damien Cassidy who played Glauce/Nurse and Jason respectively as well as the lovely Mark Sheppard who introduced the Q&A. One day I will actually be able to congratulate Christen in person. Always something to look forward to.

 A little more on Medea productions I have seen.
one With Dame Diana Rigg London 1993.
also Medea - Euripides of Sorts
Wednesday 30th October 2014 Judith Wright Centre
Students of ACPA - The Aboriginal Centre For The Performing Arts. 
That is a friend Tibian Christopha Wyles who has moved on to almost full time acting career with two extensive National tours and other works since graduating.

There arew also the Lars Von Trier film, the Pasolini film with Maria Callas, the Opera witrh Callas and a modern opera with Max Cencic all in my collection
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