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02 September 2015

Max Emanuel Cencic

12 and 13th April 2015
Concert Hall QPAC
Brisbane Baroque Festival
Joy to the world. This is me below being so happy meeting Max Emanuel Cencic on Sunday evening after the most stunning concert of the music of Johann Adolph Hasse he gave us with the remarkably brilliant Camerata of St. John's. under the direction of the quite astounding lead violin Brendan Joyce. 
 The reviews as expected were universally glowing in praise of the superstar Max and the exquisite chamber orchestra that is a treasure of this city of Brisbane. I was so thrilled to see live and be up front to experience the beauty, control, range and power of my favourite voice in the world. 
I am right down the front.

After the concert I managed to meet Max as you can see and I was so obviously pleased. As if that was not enough I returned to the Concert Hall the following day to once again sit dead centre front row while Max engaged in an hour long converstion with classical music guru and radio/TV presenter Christopher Lawrence. There have been questions in my mind for a long time about details of Max's career and he managed to mention every one I had thought about including confirming that he had visited Brisbane and this hall 25 years ago when he was in the Vienna Boys Choir. Thank you Max for singing for me and I guess the other couple of thousand people.
Me meeting Max.

A great review note by note of the concert

Max through the ages

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