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02 September 2015

ASQ 'Abundance'

1st September 2015
Qld Conservatorium Theatre

 Last night's 'Abundance' concert by the Australian String Quartet had one really outstanding piece for me. Matthes Hindson's String Quartet no.3 Ngeringa. Viola player the wonderful Stephen Page gave a little explanation of the music which was written especially for the ASQ. He mentioned that the first of four parts was Landscape and silly me had visions pastoral, completely forgetting we are in Australia. When it began with intensity and harsh visions I realized I was on a different and more suitable track. It explored parts of my mind that awoke then and there. Brilliant playing and a huge response from the audience who loved it. That is Mount Barker below which is referred to in the first movement.
Another part of the programme that moved me was the lush Webern Langsamer Satz in which I could see Garbo in front of a country estate, head thrown back as in a 1930's black and white soft focus romantic melodrama. I could hear Mahler and Alpine horns of he and Strauss. You can imagine how pleased with myself I was when I saw so many references to Mahler and Strauss in the programme notes.
Smetana at the end had some chillingly beautiful individual playing by all four string players as they shone in turn and together. This was a real equal opportunity quartet. After the show I was so pleased to at last have the opportunity to briefly meet violinist Brendan Joyce whom I have seen so many times of late and each time with a different collection of players. Stephen King also was kind enough to shake my hand. I have met him at previous concerts and he such a lovely soul.
A lovely message I received from them a while back

Also I ran into Oliver Samson from the Queensland Conservatorium - Musical Theatre. I have seen and heard and been so impressed by his performance a few times already this year. I however took a while to recognise him as he was doing a Clark Kent and it was not until he took off his glasses that I recalled that first outstanding song he sang back in April just a few feet in front of me and with such intensity I was quite overwhelmed. We had a great chat as I sipped my first red of the evening.

Matthew Hindson AM is one of the most-performed and most-commissioned composers of his generation. His works have been performed by ensembles and orchestras throughout Australia and internationally by the London, the Royal, the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestras. He has been the featured composer at national and international festivals, with orchestras and Musica Viva. Matthew’s music has been used for dance including by the Birmingham Royal Ballet, San Francisco Ballet, Ballett Schindowski and the Sydney Dance Company.

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