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30 May 2013


The Australian String Quartet
Tuesday 28th May. Again I attended another wonderful concert by this group of talented string players at the Queensland Conservatorium Theatre. We were first given the Haydn String Quartet in D major 'The Lark',  which was a lovely and lilting piece with a fun vibrant finale and beautifully played. Next the Bartok String Quartet No. 3 which I found astoundingly powerful. The depth of Bartok's sound is grand and stirring to my blood. Lead violin Kristian Winther is tall, thin and gorgeous and so wonderful to watch on stage. His recent thorough involvement with Bartok music showed in his total immersion into the piece. He was in a world all of his own and the joy burst out through his body and on his face time and time again. 
After interval they were joined by guest Cellist Timo-Veikko Valve from the Australian Chamber Orchestra and thus we were ready for the Schubert String Quintet in C major. I immediately recognised the music and realised it was once a favourite of mine that I played over and over with the CD by the LASALLE QUARTET with the addition of Lynn Harrell (extra cello). I am not a musically trained anything, but I do have large collections. This Schubert performance was stunning, passionate and familiar. Once again Kristian was the focus of my attention. His playing and stage aura are magnetic. Every player I met were singing his praises. Without prompting I found myself screaming bravo at the conclusion. A thoroughly satisfying evening. I left oi on such a high that kept me up for hours mulling over the joys of live performance and also genius playing.
At interval and then hanging around after the concert I was introduced to so many string players from The Queensland Symphony, Camarata of St John and also one of the stars of the night the viola player Stephen King from The Australian String Quartet. He generously encouraged my desire to become an ageing theatre and musical groupie as I seem to be these days. I have not come away from a performance of anything of late without meeting with or becoming friends with some of the cast or members as well as the audience.
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