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08 May 2013

Fire and Forest


Australia being an old dry country is prone to fire and has been for a very long time. So much of our vegetation depends on regular burns to encourage re-growth and seed distribution. It is a cycle that was aided by the indigenous population who regularly set controlled fires to help in their hunting. Fire, as elsewhere, is the centre of communal life, cooking and ceremony. One of the great turning points in mankind's development was the discovery of fire and how to preserve what was created by nature's lightning and eventually the discovery of how to make it. It is part of our soul to contemplate and be absorbed by the flame; the dance of the bright yellow fingers, the warmth, the light.
Ceremony and entertainment is made powerful with fire.

From Brian Kenny's channel
The Boy with Fire in His Eyes 
The boy with fire in his eyes
Stands there waiting.
It is his soul inside;
It keeps him standing. 
And if ever the fire goes out,
He will freeze in the cold.
It is his heat
And all that keeps him living. 
Or if it never is put to use,
It will consume him;
He will burn to the ground
His ashes left behind.
But if the fire blazes,
If kindled, kept and carried,
If the boy with fire in his eyes
Finds life inside that fire,
His fire will light the world,
Will pierce the mist,
A fire to drive the dark away
Forever and ever more.
Boys playing with fire.
Mankind came down from the trees and walked upright across the grassy plains, but the safety of the forest as a place to hide, to forage, to sleep and to seek protection from the elements is second nature to us. Have you walked through the bush and felt the spirit of the plants that surround you. Have you been aware of the smell of life and the symbiotic nature of the exchange of carbon of which all living things are made and the oxygen which fires our life process.
From the Trees to the Grasslands
Meditate in the bush.
As mentioned Australia is prone to fire and is largely desert. Forests do exist but we mainly refer to of unique trees etc as the Bush or the Scrub. Huge Tropical Rain Forests do exist on the East Coast and we also have pre historic trees still growing. It is varied and one can still find the unknown, the unpopulated and the surroundings worthy of contemplation.
From the wonderful work of Eduardo Restrepo
Forest Fantasy
'Boy in Forest' from the work of Vittorio Carvelli http://vittoriocarvelli.blogspot.com.au/
Fantasy, Magic and Fawns also live in the Forest
Forest Light
Spirits of the Forest?
Performance from Marcel Antunez Roca - Barcelona
Amazing Work - http://marceliantunez.com/
Pure Happiness in the Bush
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