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30 May 2013

Briefs: The Second Coming

Friday night the 24 th May at the Powerhouse and the boys of Briefs:The Second Coming had people enraptured. My Facebook comment the next morning began with "Dazzling sequins, bare butts, boys legs in lace, somersaults, comedy routines and that was just the audience."
Trapeze sensations, water over everyone, a penis hidden inside a knitted willy warmer, handsome nudity, feathers galore, a raffle winner licking salt off a gorgeous boys stomach and drinking Tequila, hoops, dancing, drag, circus and all round spectacular entertainment. You should see what a 99% naked boy can do with a Yo-Yo. Boy are they strong, beautiful, fun and generous.
Mark Winmill in Briefs
I was at a table with the amazing Mark Winmill's parents and dad is a performer through and through who still has tricks up his sleeve. They were so nice and the audience loved them as well. The cast made loving references to them throughout. I felt quite honoured to be at that table.
This is brilliant.

Briefs Second Coming from browndog on Vimeo.
Facebook page of BRIEFS All Male All Vaudeville All Trash Circus Cabaret
Starting in the back of a bookshop not far from where I live this grew into a now world travelling troupe  Apart from the original guys the full group only assembled five weeks ago and what a show they created. All professionals and all gorgeous and setting off to London soon.

Some assorted images of the boys.

After the show which ended in a cheering standing ovation, I hung around at the bar and met some of the guys who came out in their brief costumes to mingle before changing and I also met a heap of beautiful people. We partied and drank until we were all thrown out. Then off to a party with new friends until 2 am and met even more cast boys. I had a brilliant evening and gathered some permanent friends that night, thanks to the atmosphere created by the Boylesque boys.
We are at the bar with new friends.
 Poster for back to roots performance at West End Brisbane where I live. Also a London Poster.
My earlier post on Boylesque

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