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04 June 2012

The Magic Flute and Julie Taymor

The Magic Flute
At the end of May I attended this wonderful production of Mozart's 'Die Zauberflote' by Opera Australia here in Brisbane. Julie Taymor originally produced this for Maggio Musicale in Florence. It subsequently became part of the repertoire of The Metropolitan Opera in New York and also Opera Australia. Quite outstanding was the joyful exuberance and resonating baritone voice of Andrew Jones as Papageno. Also as The Queen of The Night, Milica Illic was perhaps the best I have ever experienced live. Her two terrifyingly difficult arias came off pitch perfect.
A sample from the Opera Australia production with Emma Pearson

Julie Taymor
This woman behind this production had become the first woman to win a Tony Award for directing a musical. The Lion King on Broadway won her awards for direction and costumes (above). I have been fond of this woman for a few years because of her wonderful films 'Titus', 'Frida', 'Across The Universe', and 'The Tempest'. All of these I have in my collection.

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