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05 June 2012

Fabulous/Glamorous Videos

I Do Mean Fabulous, Sexy, Arty and Beautiful!!
Ray Raz
Israeli director, photographer and DJ.
The Videos of Roy Raz https://vimeo.com/royraz
The Irrepressibles
Ten Member Orchestral Ensemble. They also have videos by Roy Raz
The Irrepressibles on Facebook
Once again a stunning visual video from the boys from the Ukraine.
The Uncensored Videos - http://www.andrewchristian.com/socialvideos/tagme/
Almost Naked Blog http://www.andrewchristianblog.com/
Anuik Studio
Tuomo Railo
Glims & Gloms dance company Videos
The beautiful work of Hernan Gimenez Betancourt
Hernan Gimenez was born in Caracas, Venezuela, on January 6, 1964. He studied music, fine arts, architecture, graphic design, photography, contemporary dance and ballet. Professionally he worked as a designer for ballet, graphic and photographer.

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