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26 May 2012

A Hoax by Rick Viede

May 2012 at La Boite Theatre I attended one of the premiere performances of a new play by Rick Viede , award winning Australian playwright, performer, singer, actor and personality extraordinaire.
Director Lee Lewis 
Dramaturg Tahli Corin
Designer Renée Mulder
Design Assistant Melita Lee Yuen
Lighting Designer Jason Glenwright
Music, Sound & AV Designer Steve Toulmin
Charles Allen
Glenn Hazeldine
Sally McKenzie 
Shari Sebbens

'A Hoax' is a spot on observation of what is truth. Set in the world of personality and publishing it reveals a rather insecure writer who publishes supposedly biographical stories of a young abused Aboriginal girl. He hires an energetic nobody to play 'Nobody's Girl'. The tough alcoholic publisher manipulates, the gay black protege observes, encourages, exposes and succumbs to the lies and the girl lives the lie. A fantastic play which has received rave reviews and is a truly wonderful piece of theatre for four brilliant actors. 
One aside is that a few performances had to be cancelled to allow star Shari Sebbens to dash off to the Cannes Film Festival for her film 'Sapphires'
The author of this brilliant piece is Rick Viede. I first came across 'Richard' Viede in a 2002 film "Crazy Richard" (below) His extraordinary exuberance struck me and it was not until recently that I discovered him again as the performer Glace Chase and playwright Rick Viede. I made contact on Facebook as I am wont to do and am discovering what a talent he is. His plays have travelled to New York as well as various states here in Australia. A boy worth watching and a mind as sharp, relevant and poignant as one should expect from a great writer.
I had to include this oh so cute photo of Glace Chase.
All The Way - A Diary of Success http://glacechase.com/

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