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21 May 2012

Great Loss

RIP - Robin Gibb
22 December 1949 – 20 May 2012
Robin Gibb as I remember him. The young Bee Gees emigrated from Britain and grew up here in Brisbane. I remember a work friend telling me of when they were at school together he had a fight with Robin and big brother Barry beat him up to protect his younger brother. I also recall their appearances as very talented kids on TV here and then seeing them in concert when they were famous. We danced in the aisles way back then.
RIP - Dietrich Fischer Dieskau
28 May 1925 – 18 May 2012
German Baritone Dietrich Fischer Dieskau was one of the greatest and most famous singers of the Twentieth Century. He excelled in lieder and for me he was the first great baritone for whom I was in awe. I have many recordings of his beautiful lyric voice.
RIP - Donna Summer
December 31, 1948 – May 17, 2012
One of the most indelible sounds of my youth. The soundtrack of my clubbing days when going out was happy and excessive.

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