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26 November 2012

Sexy Horror

Once there was Nosferatu
But Vampires got sexier.

I recall when I was younger a Vampire was an ancient, evil, amoral, blood sucking maniac. He did have a certain mystique and occasionally a touch of tall dark and handsome but would always turn nasty. Today he is more likely to be a gentle, attractive moral hero if not a superhero. Few Vampires actually want to be blood suckers in the current batch of sexy heart throbs.  Boys and girls swoon over the appeal of the 'bad boy' who might be changed and if not changed could become at least an exciting lover. He may be generally adorable, but lives on that dangerous edge of self control. He will be the best sex, but the titillating excitement exists that he might just bite you. The premise is that there is something basic and sensual about the exchange of blood that brings about almost orgasmic pleasure to both. It is intimate and it is sharing the life force. How much closer to intimacy can you get?
Blood and Donuts

This 1995 Canadian film has always been one of my favourite films for its quirkiness and cuteness. Both the confused Vampire Boya played by Gordon Currie and the Taxi driver Earl played by Louis Ferreira (Stargate Universe) are wonderful. The completely unusual voices, the story and the friendship are original and endearing. There is a great cameo by David Cronenberg.
Vampires David Boreanaz, James Masters and Werewolf Seth Green strip off in Joss Whedon's cult classic 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer'.
Queen of the Damned
The 2002 Australian Vampire film just oozed with sensuality. Stuart Townsend was a particularly stunning Lestat and a pretty Robert Farnham son of Australian eternal pop singer Johnny Farnham was a surprise. You will notice Claudia Black (Stargate) as well. 
The Pretty Vampires in Twilight and Vampire Diaries
While on Australians there is the fabulous beautiful and talented Xavier Samuel. The first time I saw him in a film I thought this boy will go far. Yes he is now an international actor. He started with some gay roles then a Vampire in Twilight and then further. I have 10 of his DVD's to date.
Brother Vampires with homoerotic tendencies. Not an ugly actor on the lot. The beautiful ex-model with eye liner eyes Ian Somerhalder and square jawed Paul Wesley.
Gay Vampires fill the imagination, TV - The Lair and now even Porn -Twinklight.
The Very Campy 'Love Bites' 1992
Goodness knows where this sucker came from.
And of course the Vampire Musical - I Kissed a Vampire.

Werewolves always end up naked
One of the draw-backs about turning into a wolf is that your clothes don't fit. You either have to strip first which is done by the sensible modern Werewolf or they get ripped to shreds when you become a large carnivorous monster. This is one of the great appeals of Werewolves. They always end up naked or at least should.
An American Werewolf in London
Being Human 
with fabulous Russell Tovey in the original English series who spent so much time showing us his uncensored butt on a regular basis. It is refreshing to see normal attractive bodies in British series.
Teen Wolf
The cast of Teen Wolf are ridiculously attractive. I don't think an unattractive person is allowed near the set. They may not be naked as they should be if it were not for American censorship which is largely unknown elsewhere in the western world, but they all must live at the gym like too many American actors and there are very few shirts in the wardrobe.
Hemlock Grove
 Canadian Landon Liboiron as the wolf who does show his butt and the mysterious Sweed Bill Skarsgard. Much better written and the acting is superb. Being filmed in Canada means there is more guts and a little nudity unlike a series like Teen Wolf filmed in the US and with US actors..

I Was a Teenage Werebear
Part of a four film collection Chillerama this short 'I Was A Teenage Werebear' stars Sean Paul Lockart (Adult Gay Superstar Brent Corrigan) singing as well as looking fabulous. he is developing a new career and is having a great time doing it.
The Fades
Ian De Caestecker has an orgasm and sprouts wings in this original BAFTA winning series 'The Fades'. Then he goes into battle with the Apocalypse. A truly good series.
Note the British lack of censorship or the look of steroids.
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