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30 November 2012

New Opera Gems

Valer Barna-Sabadus
Romanian born Counter Tenor living in Germany. He kindly agreed to add me to his facebook list. Listen to this special voice. 
in Artaserse by Leonardo Vinci
Valer Barna-Sabadus Web Site

Artaserse is over three hours of the most amazing singing from an all male cast. Included are also the worlds most impressive singers Max Emanuel Cencic, Philippe Jaroussky. Five Counter-Tenors and one Tenor.
Max Emanuel Cencic New Album
You will have to watch recording on Youtube

Gay Don Giovanni goes to a Gay Nightclub

More Don Giovanni here
Opera Marriage Equality
From the Met to Opera Australia and marries Australian Cabaret singer.

Hilarious "I Think He's Gay" by Pussy Tourette

'Glitter and be Gay' 
from Candide by Leonard Bernstein on Broadway. A wonderful piece for a melodramatic soprano or even a drama/drag queen.

Aureliano in Palmira
The new DVD of Rossini's Aureliano in Palmira with my dear friend and spectacular rising star, the Romanian tenor Bogdan Mihai. The cast also includes a Facebook friend, the stratospheric soprano Maria Aleida and the brilliant countertenor Franco Fagioli.

Opera CD's are getting Sexier
Shots for cover of Simone Kermes CD 'Dramma'
Virgin Classics beautiful angelic Counter Tenor covers.
Opera Atelia Toronto - WOW.
Based in Toronto this Baroque Opera Company certainly know how to promote and stage operas that make them outstandingly pleasing to the eye. Beautiful in style and substance. More companies could benefit from such an approach and get themselves noticed by an expanded audience.  There is an old saying. "Sex sells!"
Check them out here http://www.operaatelier.com/

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