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18 November 2012

A Fat and Fabulous Swan

Friday the 16th November at the Powerhouse I saw 32 year old Helpmann Award Nominee Trevor Ashley in the very adult panto Fat Swan. (Think Black Swan or in this case Swine Lake and the Black Pig). Suffering from anorexia, 40 year old Natalie Portley is the neurotic dancer who feels overweight and we see what she sees. An overbearing Mother a lecherous choreographer and a strident competitor are some of the multiple roles taken on by the cast. Trevor Ashley is crude, hilarious and immensely talented. He has a superb voice, quick wit and an outrageous personality. The audience with some involvement shouted true and obscene Panto (look behind you style) warnings, whistled, laughed non stop and applauded all evening in this cabaret style presentation. The cast were brilliant all round with Tara Morice (Strictly Ballroom, Moulin Rouge, BAFTA Nominee), Brendan Moar - Award Winning TV personality) and Lisa Adam.
            Tara Morice                         Brendan Moar               Lisa Adam

Some of the many roles in Trevor Ashley's ever expanding career.
Trashley (Annie)
             Priscilla                               Hairspray            Diamonds Are For Trevor

Liza On An E
 The Producers
Trevor Ashley on Youtube
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