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11 November 2011

Great Photographs

A selection of wonderful photos by others that caught my eye and my mind. Each beautiful and interesting in different ways.
Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka with their twins Gideon Scott and Hatper Grace. This is a family photo like few others for fun and just gorgeousness.

A message from Wall St. Eat The Rich
The outstandingly beautiful, down to earth and charming Australian boy and international Model Andrej Pejic.
Two talented, beautiful and renowned acrobatic, gymnastic dancers/performers Eike Von Stuckenbrok from Germany and David Pereira from Spain. I follow both on facebook. You can find more about these two on this blog if you use the search facility on the right.
A Catholic youth group in Mallorca, Spain posing nude for a 2011 calendar organised by the Davallamant group from the town of Sant Joan, It features nude and semi nude young men in a variety of poses relating to the Passion, including the Last Supper and the Crucifixion. The local bishop typically did not approve of this fund raising enterprise.

March 2012 update
I am sorry to not be able to give credit to the artists involved, but these are very beautiful images I saw recently. Some may be from Homotography.click to enlarge

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