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27 November 2011

Favourite People

I have admired many in my life, but as I think today I have some who I claim as my favourite People. They are constantly inspiring and I am rewarded every time I come across them or their work.
Stephen Fry
I always fancied that I would like to aim at being a cross between Oscar Wilde and Socrates, but in fact perhaps all I need to do is emulate Stephen Fry who has already achieved the greatness of being all things. The full man. I may neither have the intelligence nor the wit, but one should at least have something with which to inspire oneself and aspire to. In November 2011 I managed to see Stephen Fry live on stage in a two and a half hour live version of his long running TV show QI. Just Brilliant.
A brilliantly comic monologue by Stephen Fry from the Cambridge University Footlights Revue.

Tom Hardy
The remarkably brilliant Tom Hardy who is perhaps my favourite actor in cinema today. From his films one can see that he is versatile, he is beautiful and he is intense. From his interviews it is obvious that he is intelligent, charming and dedicated. I have so far collected 32 films and series in which he appears. He is impressive, sweet and brilliant.
My films etc.
A for Andromeda 2006Band of Brother 2001, Black Hawk Down 2001, Bronson 2008, Colditz 2005, Deserter 2002, Dot The I 2003, EMR 2004, Flood 2007, Gideon's Daughter 2005, Inception 2010, Layer Cake 2004, Lethal Dose 2003, Marie Antoinette 2006, Minotaur 2006, Oliver Twist 2007, RocknRolla 2008Sergeant Slaughter, My Big Brother 2011, Scenes of a Sexual Nature 2006, Sucker Punch 2008, Star Trek: Nemesis 2002, Stuart A Life Backwards 2007, Sweeney Todd 2006, The Reckoning 2003The Take 2009The Virgin Queen 2005Thick as Thieves 2009, This Means War 2012, Tinker Taylor Soldier Spy 2011Warrior 2011, Waz 2007,  Wuthering Heights 2009  

Short Film from 2011   'Sargeant Slaughter - My Big Brother'
Starring Tom Hardy, Ben Macleod & Nathaniel Parker
Directed by Greg Williams
Screenplay by Douglas Ray
Produced by Bob Ford

So often does Tom Hardy appear naked. Thanks Tom.
Click to Enlarge

Gio Black Peter
As mentioned elsewhere Gio Black Peter is an inspiring and confronting young man who is an artist, performer, actor, singer and genuinely, creatively wonderful. I have had the great pleasure of communicating with him on many occasions from a distance and have collected his music and his art.
A quote below
GIO BLACK PETER (born Giovani Paolo Andrade Guevara) was born in Guatemala and emigrated illegally to the United States with his family at the age of five. The name Black Peter is taken from the folkloric elf who delivers "bad" presents to bad children on Christmas.
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