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29 October 2011

Spectacular Boys Singing

A staggeringly beautiful extraordinary new CD released in November 2011 with the two greatest Counter Tenors of our age whom I follow on Facebook. These boys are spectacular for beauty of sound agility of vocal technique and all round just thrilling to hear. Max Emanuel Cencic and Philippe Jaroussky together in duets for the high male voice. Just listen and watch the recording session below and be amazed.
Link - Max Emanuel Cencic on Facebook
Link - Philippe Jaroussky on Facebook

with Max Emanuel Cencic after a concert 2015

Next on my list is the upcoming DVD of Rossini's Adelaide di Borgogna with the up-coming brilliant tenor from Romania - Bogdan Mihai
This is an extract, but not from the official DVD quality recording (released 28th February 2013) however you can hear Bogdan's powerful high singing. He has become renowned already for his Rossini interpretations while still in his late twenties.
One of my Favourite photos below of Bogdan Mihai. He is a beautiful gentleman and has very kindly exchanged comments with me on several occasions.
More here on my site about Bogdan Mihai - Click
Link - Bogdan Mihai on Facebook
Link - Bogban Mihai on YouTube
Link - Bogdan Mihai Blog
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