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16 October 2011

The 99%

The people are revolting!    The people are evolving! 
1% own most and 99% are not going to take it any more.
Yes they are indeed in a state of opposition and occupation. Opposition to the state of greed which motivates corporate and banking ambition. The once apparent logical need to produce a profit to sustain a business has been replaced with the obsession to continue to be larger and more and more powerful and to eventually remove all opposition. By its definition the competitive market eventually means someone wins and therefore competition is then dead. The system is its own death. The movement of occupation sweeping the world must continue. In most circumstances it does and will remain peaceful as that is the only way to stay focussed. Many (politicians and lazy journalists) ask what is the aim and claim that the point has been made. I doubt they are as ill-informed as they make out. Their ignorance is more a political stance rather then a genuine lack of understanding. Well in reply i suggest the debate has only begun and no one can claim at this stage to see the end point. It is a discussion amongst the peoples of the earth to find a way of remodelling the way we operate. Poverty makes it necessary to reorganise the way business is done. The concentration of wealth amongst a few hundred who insist on holding onto that wealth must be broken up and shared. Just as countries are overthrowing governments who do not look after its people the same will happen to corporations and money institutions who are adversely affecting people, their chance at security, health and happiness, the environment and freedom. Money lenders, rating agencies, commentators produce nothing. There seems to be a growth in created 'jobs' which are increasingly highly paid and in fact produce nothing.
This is as good an expression of a lack of greed as any. 
Display your lack of riches as they all go to the 1%
Video Streams from the Occupy Cities around the globe.
Avaaz Occupy Wall St petition
My local Occupy Brisbane on Facebook
Wearetheother99 Facebook page
Great Article with real analysis
Sean Penn on Ocupy Wall St.
Is leadership nothing more than an unavoidable temptation for power or is a politician a philosopher? Today I would suggest that few give such effort to the propositions and decisions they thrust upon us. Like parenthood, politics is one of the most important jobs existing as it influences the lives of all, but it also requires no training, no certificate of expertise and is thus considered democratic. A politician may bring to office, economic knowledge, a propensity for showing toughness or sadly in some cases, little realisation of their own limitations, but seldom a philosophical approach to what is the essential good.  An idea motivated by expediency, greed, a desire for popularity or power is not a wise suggestion. Too often a bias becomes the first principle, ill informed and ignorant of the failures of such things in the past, but we do repeat ourselves and how often a whole society can be hurt by such laziness. Perhaps we are only human and as some say, with a predisposition to sin, to do bad, to think only of ourselves. We bit the apple to know good and evil, but can we understand the difference and choose? It takes courage to challenge an easy thought, a protective bias or self absorption. To look at the whole, to admit a mistake, to change our mind; these take effort, education and a willingness to submerge the ego. To me, a wise idea respects both the greater good and the good of the individual, the disciplined freedom of each of us and respects the earth upon which we all depend. After all, our descendants will not have the time to contemplate the great mysteries in a world destroyed. Harmony, truth, justice, knowledge - Ma'at, is the goal. An optimist will say that no matter what evil befalls us, good will triumph eventually, but as life goes both up and down a pessimist might feel that good too often fails and soon descends into evil. It all depends on how you wish to think, for both are true in the cycle of life.  We must stand tall and upright before ourselves and all that exists.

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