'I think therefore I am.'  Descartes            'I AM THAT I AM.'  Exodus.3.        'I am what I am.'  La Cage aux Folles

31 October 2011

Occupy Wall St. Movement

Do not lose sight of this important moment.
Encourage your friends to join, support and spread the ideals of the movement to seek justice for everyone and an escape from the manipulation of the 1% who use their power to control the financial world, the media and the political agenda for their own benefit. We all have a voice and need it to be heard.
There are over a thousand cities where this is happening.

A single person can stand against the odds and be an example for others. Success may not be assured, but courage and commitment may just win out in the end. 
One must try.
The occupy movement is the chance for change. 
Important change and necessary change.

Veteran's of the 20th century American Civil Rights Movement, known as the Council of Elders express solidarity with the Occupy Movement and explain its importance.
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