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05 June 2014

Music, Drama, Dance and Olympics

Some late updates of Theatre etc this year.
Guys and Dolls
Harvest Rain Theatre Company at The Concert Hall QPAC Thursday 20th March
 This was my first production by Harvest Rain and they have become so big over recent times. It was a thoroughly wonderful evening. Like a time capsule of the 50s musical as they were true to the original spirit. I doubt it could be done any other way. Some great voices and dancers.
 The chorus of exceptionally good male dancers/singers was impressive and a surprise. They were also very, very attractive.
 Costumes were a stand out in those vibrant colours. 
A great friend and outstanding actor with a very famous beginning Steven Tandy bought tears to my eyes with this beautiful solo.
Photos by http://nickmorrissey.com.au/ 
Matthew Mitcham
Wednesday 2nd April at The Powerhouse
We met, he signed my book and then he did a Q&A. It was so great to have a small chat to this darling man as he is good friends with another friend of mine who is a musician and actor. A Gold Medalist from the Beijing Olympic games and the only Out Gay Athlete at the Games. A charming guy and obviously so beautiful. Hope to see him later in the year when he brings his cabaret show to town after the Commonwealth Games.
Matthew received the highest score in Olympic history for his 10 M Dive in 2008.
Qld Theatre Company at The Playhouse QPAC Thursday 10th April
With visiting great director Michael Attenborough at the helm and the largest cast ever assembled for The Qld. Theatre company this awesome production got underway with a crashing lightning storm electrifying this giant set to the sound of giant rhythmic drums.
The battles and sword fights were choreographed my experts the blood really spurted and the acting was phenomenal.
Never have I sat through a Shakespeare with such easy understanding. One was hardly aware of the period of the language and the precise and sparkling diction revealed the clarity of every word. Such ease of  precision and rhythm lifted the beauty of the performance of this most poetic of the plays.
After the show in front of some of the season posters.
Dance Noir
Saturday 3rd May at The Judith Wtight Centre
It has been a year since I became aware of a beautiful local young dancer Kenny Johnson. I became friends over the internet and at long last I got to see him perform live. On Television he reduced everyone to tears with the depth of his soul which positively glows when he dances.
The photographic art of  http://www.alichoudhry.com/ 

Brian Lucas
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