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14 March 2014

The Mountaintop

Thursday 13th March at The Playhouse QPAC

 Penned by brilliant young Memphis playwright Katori Hall, the play was a West End and Broadway sell-out. Making his Company debut, Pacharo Mzembe shines as Dr Martin Luther King Jr, while vivacious actress, activist and hip-hop sensation Candy Bowers dazzles as Camae. (from The QPAC Website) and wonderfully directed by Todd MacDonald with music by award winning composer, sound designer and sister of Candy Bowers, Busty Beatz (Kim Bowers).
"Can I Have an Amen?" 
and the whole audience responded 
When this happens in a theatre you know the audience of largely middle class Australians are totally involved. Last night I had the joy of a stunning performance. Tears streamed down my face so often it became embarrassing. Two wonderful actors filled the dingy Motel room with laughter, surprise, power and anguish. About half way through the play everything turns surreal as we discover the brash, loud whisky drinking, chain-smoking, swearing and vibrant Camae is an angel. Killed the night before she has been sent by God (a beautiful black woman) on her first mission, to bring Martin Luther King home. He will be assassinated at one minute past six the next evening and he doesn't want to go with his work unfinished. She lets him see the future as the set comes apart and recedes sideways and back to allow a mesmerising layered newsreel of future events while Camae hip hops the story unfolding. This was a true moment of inspired and original theatre production that we have come to expect from the team at The Queensland Theatre Company under the guidance of our awesome and infectious Artistic Director, Wesley Enoch.
Once again we had booked for the night they have a Q&A with the cast and crew where the audience can indulge themselves with any question they like. 
Of particular thrill for me was the participation of the amazing Lighting Designer, Ben Hughes pictured above with his father Glenn also a lighting designer. As I have skipped through the programmes over the last few years I have seen that Ben is responsible for the wonderful lighting and designs for so many  (most I would say) shows in so many theatres that I have been lucky to attend. He is truly an inspired guy. He had some great insight s to share during the Question time.
Of course being the theatre groupie I am, I wrote to thank some of the artists and received some replies.
From Ben Hughes:- Thank you for such kind words. I'm very happy you enjoyed the show.

From Pacharo "Pach" Mzembe:- Thanks a million Barry Stone! Much appreciated  Yes it is awesome lol Amazing writing by Katori Hall and am blessed to be a part of this production. Personal growth has been one of the major benefits! Bless ya Barry! #beunafraid

From Candy Bowers :- Thank-you Barry it's always wonderful to hear, lots of love Candy

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