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19 September 2013

The Wizard of Oz

The Brisbane Festival 2013
The Wizard of Oz
Some rave reviews which were universal across the country.
Saturday 7th September The Danger Ensemble at La Boite Theatre for Brisbane Festival 2013
The Danger Ensemble never fail to impress. To date I have seen their original productions 'I War' , 'Children of War' and 'Sons of Sin'. Always innovative and challenging and universally praised. I am lucky enough to have made numerous friends through their work, both cast and audience.
Their take on the Wizard of Oz references the film and the books, but they take us on a more disruptive and schizophrenic journey along the Yellow Brick Road where the ageing, chain smoking, heavy drinking Judy G or Judy Goddammit yearns to go over the rainbow and become the fantasy of Dorothy, but ends up as Toto. This is a taste of what this full evening brings.
Director - the intensely imaginative Steven Mitchell Wright
Devised by the cast but honed by Writer Maxine Mellor
Chris Beckey  (I War)
Margi Brown Ash
Caroline Dunphy
Thomas Hutchins  (Sons Of Sin, As You Like It)
Lucy-Ann Langkilde
Thomas Larkin  (As You Like It.)
Polly Sara
Two stand out other participants were Dane Alexander who composed the music and sound design. Evocative, brilliant, compelling and another outstanding feature of the show. A name that has popped up over and over again in my recent visits to the theatre and across many many companies is lighting designer Ben Hughes. This young artist is a wizard, and lecturer and already gathering awards for his work.
Watch and listen.
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