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03 August 2013

Beauty in the Nude Photo

Goodness I have some good looking friends.
Below are some of the artists I adore and have had communication with on Facebook, be it either the photographer and or the model, artist, singer, acrobat, dancer, actor or boylesque performer. Some I love, some are virtual friends and all are quite brilliant. I at least have been following their work and career for some time.

Boylesque entertainer and stripper Tom Harlow by Mark Liddell
Contortionist  David Pereira by Robert Pater
Singer, artist, actor etc Gio Black Peter by Slava Mogutin while filming with Bruce LaBruce
Juniper with Felix dÉon
Find extensive links for Felix's work through http://felixdeon.com/
Kevin by Mustafa Sabbagh
Actor, model, photographer, edtor etc. Marcel Schlutt by Brice Hardelin
King of Boylesque Mark Winmill by Elvis Di Fazio
Dancer, photographer, actor etc Anton Z Risan by Michele Martinoli
Stunning Alan Rance from Melbourne who works in theatre, film and modelling.
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