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21 August 2012

Sexy American Politics

Great to see a sexy political romp. I need the relief. If it were not so serious it would be just plain gorgeous, but we are all at risk of indifference so cheers to a new way of fighting the good fight. I can  not vote in this election, but it does have repercussions throughout the world. Pity!
Just as homophobia is sweeping the Australian electorates, the shouting bigots come out of the woodwork in other countries when a vote is held and the media love it. Corruption is considered a byword for politics these days and money buys any thing, law or person you desire.
Vote for ethics, equality, truth, but mostly for humanity not profit.

In Australia it is compulsory to vote and this I think gives a slightly better chance of true representation of the masses than a lazy electorate who can't be bothered, but the oft used appeal to greed or xenophobia can so easily sway the part time citizen and make their vote invalid in my opinion. Democracy as we understand it and practice it today is not the sacred cow it is made out to be. There is a need for truth, education, understanding, generosity and far too many things that are absent in our societies. It is no more than snapshot of one days majority appeal and leaves so few protections for the minorities that make up our true world.
Some examples of films where American politics and gay life intersect.
Choose Connor or The Politician is a film about an idealistic 15-year old Owen who gets the chance of a lifetime to be the youth spokesman for U.S. Senate Candidate Lawrence Connor, only to be exploited in a fierce campaign of TV and radio ads, posters, interviews, and speaking engagements in the cut throat media-image-is-all world of American politics.
Outrage is a documentary about closeted gays in US politics. 
Horror in The Wind is a silly cemedy about an airborne formula that changes the sexual orientation of anyone it reaches.

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