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11 August 2012

Sci-Fi and Superheroes.

It seems to be obvious that one reason Sci Fi, Fantasy and Superhero films and TV shows are popular is that today the cast are selected more often than not on their degree of beauty, cuteness, hunkiness and any superficial definition of attractiveness you care to imagine. This genre of entertainment is exactly that - entertainment. There is sometimes a more profound message in the story in the rare, well written stories, but not always so. It is escapism and I for one prefer my escapism to be pleasant to look at. A good looking star is easier to spend my time with then a dour and miserable character. When I want a profound emotional experience I will generally look elsewhere. If I want great and complex literature I will generally look elsewhere. This is not to say that there are not several masterpieces that can and do inspire. The general earth born space character are just and moral and verging on superhero status. Over all it shows a certain xenophobia by the inhabitants of this planet. To me that sense of automatic superiority in spirit if not technology is more indicative of the attitude of a Los Angeles writer. It is the alien who is most likely to be devoid of any respect for life, any code of ethics and although they are advanced in science they are primitive in social development. Also so many often look like they are just out of school, which is so easily explained by them regularly being a precocious genius of some sort. Once again it is unlikely. but it does remain entertaining. Of course I am a huge fan of Sci Fi and Fantasy. Like many gay people I believe I find an affinity with stories that take you out of the reality of life which may not always be pleasant for all of us all of the time. A world of make believe for those who have, for a long time, had to create a fantasy of their life to appease the mood and beliefs of others. It is a cliché, but a trip down the Yellow Brick Road does get you out of Kansas. 
Below are a tiny selections from the hundreds of films and series I have collected under the banner Science Fiction and Superheroes. Some rare and unusual.
Sci Fi and a Gay Audience
It is believed that Science Fiction finds a special affinity with the gay population. Perhaps it is the fantasy life. A life where equality and justice prevail. There are boys who get bullied at school for one reason or another and this happens to gay youth. The dreamers and the quiet and timid more then most. Like Jerry Siegel, a young Jewish boy whose father was a victim of crime was bullied, it is easy and comforting to imagine what it would be like to have superpowers and live in a world of justice. Siegel used that imagination and invented Superman at the age of 18. He and his friend, the equally shy Joh Shuster had worked on cartoons since they were 16.
Australian Series 'Outland' about gay Sci Fi geeks.
Check out more on outlandtv's channel on Youtube
I hear that the Green Lantern has turned Gay and the X Men have had their first gay wedding. They are not the first. Now we see several independent films introducing gay stories into Science Fiction or Science Fiction into gay stories. Mainstream is also including gay characters as a matter of course as well. Of course the middle of the road or slightly right of the road audience find it hard to cope with a lead gay character. For Hollywood they are still a stereotype and generally a bit like the old style token black guy who gets bumped off first. Advertisers and money makers involved with mainstream film still prefer homophobic language and an ugly stereotypical or unhappy gay guy. You can not have any romance unless you are fat, a fairy and able to be ridiculed. By the way I like my gay characters to come in all flavours of age, height, weight, colour and levels of testosterone. Just not a simple characterture.
Judas Kiss
Judas Kiss is a great film by J,T. Tepnapa with a bit of time travel from Richard Harmon (his other Sci-Fi roles -Continuum, Flash Gordon, Caprica, Fringe, Tower Prep, Percy Jackson & the Olympians) and a great cast, including Charlie David, Timo Descamps and Sean Paul Lockhart (gay adult superstar Brent Corrigan and actor in Milk, I Was a Teenage Werebear, Sister Mary, The Big Gay Musical, Another Gay Sequel).
Star Trek Hidden Frontier
J T Tepnapa  was responsible for and appeared in some of the 'Star Trek' fan made series. These series introduced gay love affairs unlike the original TV shows. They are available for download at  Star Trek;Hidden Frontier. The first episode to include gay characters is below.

and from a later series episode Blood and Fire there is a love making scene.
While on the Star Trek theme do find the send up independent film 'Star Wreck- In The Pirkinning' from Finland. Brilliantly made with great special effects and very very funny.
Way back in 1975 I saw Patrick Stewart (Captain Jean-Luc Picard from Star Trek, Next Generation) live in a play with The Royal Shakespeare Company. He looked exactly as he has looked ever since.
Surge of Power
An accident in the Lab and and out and proud gay boy becomes a superhero. A fun gay film that appeals to every boy who wonders. Wonderful support given by guest appearances from Nichelle Nichols (Star Trek), Lou Ferrigno (The Hulk) and Noel Neill (began playing Lois Lane in 1948 and has appeared in Superman movies and series until 2006). This is the Trailer for Surge of Power.
John Barrowman as Captain Jack in Torchwood with a couple of his lovers. Ianto Jones played by Gareth David-Lloyd was his lover until he was killed in an incredibly moving episode and in the latest series 'Miracle Day' he has sex with an old lover Angelo played by Daniele Faville and another with a barman (below) he picks up.

Deadly Skies
Antonio Sabato Jr in Deadly Skies. Asteroids are falling and the gay scientist is trying to save the earth.

Dreamship Surprise
Dreamship Surprise - German send up of everything Sci Fi with a  bunch of gay Star Trekkers and Star Wars characters battling invading Martians with the fabulous Til Schweiger. 2004
Star Appeal
'Star Appeal' by Zi'en Cui from China 2004 is about a naked boy who appeared from Mars and has an affair with the boy who finds him while discovering human love.
Hit by Lightning. Gay Superhero at the pub and Probing Alien Abduction.
Flesh Gordon
An ultra B Grade sexy send up of Flash Gordon. Well worth a laugh. Prince Prescious fancies Flesh Gordon and everyone is affected by the Sex Ray. You can buy the DVD or preview The Full Movie on Youtube
The greatest and most enduring superhero is Superman. He was first created in 1932 by Jerry Siegel (stories) and Joe Shuster (artwork) and after mush rejection it first appeared in Action Comics in 1938. The first human face of the comic-book Superman was- Ray Middleton at the World's Fair in New York in 1940.
There have been numerous radio  voices, animation voices and some low budget film and TV appearances but not all are worth recording here. Superman has always given hope to mankind. He was a righteous man (well a Kryptonian) who was steadfast and always saved the day. He was strong handsome and wore a skin tight, body hugging outfit that was the closest thing to underwear or painted nudity as you could get. Somewhat similar to how Tarzan got away with almost nudity for decades as well. The publishers at one point did worry that he looked too gay.
The faces of Superman that are in my vast collection. Well the new guy on the end Henry Cavill will be, when the newest film gets released.
 The sexy Justice League of Superheros from Smallville. 
A Non Superhero
The best body on television (see True Blood and the pic on the right not from this film) the Australian actor Ryan Kwanten in a charming film 'Griff The Invisible' about a guy who thinks he has the power to become invisible and becomes a superhero. He doesn't, but there is simple belief. A lovely film.
Naked Science Fiction
The earliest nudity in a Sci Fi film that I remember is Geoff Goldblum in The Fly back in 1986 Since then we have lots of bare bodies in Sci Fi movies and TV series. Below are some:-
Geoff Goldblum in The Fly
 Peter Firth from 'Equus' never failed to show his butt and does so again in a couple of great Time Travel films 'The Flipside of Dominick Hide' 1980 and 'Another Flip for Dominick' 1982.
Bruce Davison in great futuristic film 'The Lathe of Heaven' 1980.
The Terminator 
Arnold Schwarzenegger and Robert Patrick. Iconic arrivals as naked Terminators.
Kyle XY
The adorable and now out gay actor Matt Dallas as the test tube boy 'Kyle XY'. No bellybutton?
Starship Troopers
Casper Van Dien's often displayed beautiful butt in Starship Troopers -1997.
The gorgeous and so talented Robert Sheehan and outstanding Iwan Rheon in the brilliant series Misfits. Superpowers without conscience or heroics.
Matt Fillion in Joss Whedons space adventure Firefly
Peter Facinelli (Twilight) in Supernova (2000). He has shown his great body in several films. He is just one of the naked actors in Supernova 2000.
William Hurt in Altered States by Ken Russell  and  Watchman
Universal Soldier
Glen and Randa
Glen and Randa, Post Nuke War, avant guard, Sci Fi 1971 film with lots of nudity. The actor playing Glen - Steve Curry was in the 1968 cast of Hair so nudity was not unknown to him. You can find the whole movie on Youtube now or buy the DVD like I did.
On the Silver Globe
On The Silver Globe, 1988 by Andrzej Zulawski. Banned, halted partly destroyed by Polish officials. Hallucinations and cosmic explorers on a distant moon. A fragmented masterpiece so worth searching for. It is available.

Unexpected Encounters
A boy raised by Aliens on a distant planet in this 1994 Czech film 'Unexpected Encounters'. So many handsome characters. A true rarity.
The Quiet Earth
Alone on the Earth in 'The Quiet Earth' New Zealand 1985.
Virtual Sexuality
'Virtual Sexuality' The stunning Rupert Penry-Jones involved in a sudden change of sex at a Virtual Reality club. It is so much fun and quite beautiful to watch. I actually went to a virtual reality night at a night-club at Brixton in London in 1993. 
Plug in virtual booths, 3D Glasses, performance and music. A rare experience. 

Weird Science

'Weird Science' 1985 with a naked Bill Paxton and an oh so young Anthony Michael Hall. Young boys sexual fantasies lead to making a perfect woman!
Love Wars (Star Wars)

Press box for full screen
The new face of a happy director.
Great joyous smile from Lana Wachowski who dirested The Matrix series of films, the upcoming and highly anticipated Cloud Atlas and several other Sci-Fi greats with her brother Andy. Lana has just completed a sex change and was previously known as Larry.
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