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14 July 2012

Arty Allsorts

Leigh Bowery
Leigh Bowery (1961-1994) - The unique, extraordinary, Australian, performance artist, fashion diva and  star was the muse of the late painter Lucian Freud and friend of Boy George amongst many other outstanding things. Discover his life which was his art.
Below is Boy George channelling the late Leigh Bowery.
Igor Stravinsky
There have always been rumours of Russian composer Igor Stravinsky having an affair with Coco Chanel - both part of that circle that included Vaslav Nijinsky, Eric Satie, Jean Cocteau, Sergei Diaghilev and so many more. He did manage to Visit Australia in 1961 to conduct his own music and meet the obligatory Koala.
Percy Grainger
Australian genius composer and pianist who had an intense sexual imagination and involved himself in a bit of S&M. Flagellation.
A small clip of Grainger playing

Barry Humphries and Margaret Olley
The Late Margaret Olley (1923-2011) with Barry Humphries in front of an outstanding award winning portrait by William Dobell. (a bunch of famous Australians)
Boy and Villian
From an Australian theatre production I believe. Just a great photo.
Divine (1945-1988) born Harris Glenn Milstead as a young man, bearing a great resemblance to Leigh Bowrey (at top) and being simply heavenly Divine. I have 11 wonderful DVD's with this amazing actor, singer and personality who we love as Divine
I am a Pisces
Painting by Felix d'Eon who is a friend on Facebook and whose blog I also follow.
Lindsay Kemp and David Bowie
 David Bowie on stage with Lindsay Kemp. Years ago I entertained Lindsay Kemp, Jack Birkett, Francois Testory and the company at home. 
In Church
I attended a fine concert in my old cathedral St Stephen's recently and found a new cross hanging over the alter. I was surprised to see the Christ was a clean-shaven youth with a penis. I no longer belong to the Catholic Church because of their entrenched homophobia . Bigorty does not belong in what I see as a religion.
David Pereira
Stills for the stunningly beautiful and flexible David Pereira's new show in Berlin. A brilliant Spanish artist/performer I follow on Facebook etc. He is all over this blog.
Pepeyn Langedijk wonderful large canvas photographer/artist from Holland.
Bertil Nilsson
Bertil Nilsson who was born in Sweden and lives and works in The UK. I have been adoring his photos for a while, particularly those of two of my Facebook friends, Eike von Stuckenbrok and David Pereira which are seen elsewhere on this blog.
also https://www.facebook.com/bertilnilssonphotography
Happy 50th to the Rolling Stones 
The Everlasting Performers.
Some of the pre censored photos from the film 'Performance ' and Jagger covered by Joe Dallesandro's crotch with bulge on the album cover taken by Andy Warhol for the Rolling Stone's album 'Sticky Fingers and Joe without the jeans.
Two Naked Models and a Photographer
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