'I think therefore I am.'  Descartes            'I AM THAT I AM.'  Exodus.3.        'I am what I am.'  La Cage aux Folles

20 February 2012

Unearthed Photos of Me

Found while visiting my Mother for my birthday. She celebrates it, I try to ignore it.
 I am sure this protected boy above explains a lot as to who I am today. But that football below certainly didn't get to me.

 Father back in the late nineteen twenties I assume.
 and Mother in early fifties.
More of the same on page 'Me and Why This Blog"
A couple from my Facebook page of me around the world
An ancient photograph I just unearthed of myself, my mother looking rather glamorous and my father, not at his best. A rare photo of me that I do not hate. Most go in the bin. I think perhaps I was still at school when this was taken. It elicited compliments on my Facebook page so I thought I would spread it further. Wish I still had that thick hair.
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