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21 February 2012

John Cleese Live.

 Last nigh I spent just over two hours having an evening with John Cleese. Once back in 1993 I was attending a play in London and Mr Cleese was standing tall in the foyer as part of an audience. I am sure as I looked across the heads of the audience, which also included Marissa Berenson, he caught sight of me staring and immediately bobbed down out of sight. Perhaps I give myself too much credit but the bob was pure Python. I can not recall which evening it was. Either Diana Rigg or Stephen Berkoff.
 On this recent occasion I got to be entertained by and laugh with the genius himself. The sold out hall laughed and applauded non stop as he regaled us with anecdotes of his family, his home town, his career and friends interspersed with background and reliving of some of his greatest sketches. It was special to laugh in the company of another 2,000 people to some of my favourite lines and scenes. He is now a fabulous 72.

A stunning, hilarious, true and moving moment shown last night.
Cleese's Memorial Eulogy for his friend and collaborator Graham Chapman.
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