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07 December 2011


Stilettos were first mentioned in the 1930's. The Stiletto heel is named after the long thin dagger developed in Italy in the 1400's and used mainly for stabbing. The heel gives the illusion of a longer and slimmer leg, a smaller foot and greater height. They cause the calf muscle to flex and alter the posture and movement making the chest and buttocks stick out. In recent times it has become a fashion accessory of the sexy young male performer and occasional model. They certainly look fabulous, elegant and dangerous.
Baptiste Giabiconi photographed by Karl Largerfeld
David Pereira in Heels
There is more on the stunning performer David Pereira throughout this blog.
An all male Ukranian group who became known through YouTube for their stunningly beautiful music videos, brilliant bodies and the high heels. They have since been written about all over the planet.

As he says - Out and proud music for hungry ears. JbDubs (AKA James Whiteside) is a Principal Ballet Dancer with the Boston Ballet. He writes, produces and performs his own music and choreographs his performances.

The amazing Philly loves her stilettos 
in a film by Todd Verow

The Cha Cha Heels

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