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01 December 2011

Sexy Music


Great duo from Chile and a very sensuous music video 'Los Bikers'.

Casey Spooner
 gay American solo artist - 'Spanish Teenager' music video (nudity included).
'Were The World Mine'
Romantic and cute music clip from the gorgeous gay film based on 
'A Midsummer Nights Dream'

 Musicians are entertainers and in the long tradition of performance over centuries the actor and musician was hardly at the top of society as publicity and the tabloid press like one to believe today. Often in centuries past the musician was at a level akin to a prostitute. (not that I have anything against that profession) The aim of such a person was to attract attention and put on a show and amuse. Nudity is certainly a way to attract attention and sexual or sensuous videos are also part of that act of shouting and waving to say 'I am here! Look at me and listen to me!' The musician sang of love or sheep. They sang of dreams and occasionally oppression. They sang of death and life. They sang of grand deeds and heroes and again sheep. On occasions the odd super-star arose to become hysterically popular like the castrato Farinelli, but for the most part they were the mere slaves and part of the common and ignored class except when in the spotlight. No more than just a lowly member of the staff or a vagabond. It is therefore silly that some now take themselves so seriously because they are popular. It does not mean any more than that. Some are too precious to expose themselves because of an inflated ego and others are all too willing to be out there and show the crowd what they want to see. Don't take this little comment too seriously, but there is a germ of some truth explained briefly. I admire musicians immensely and passionately follow my favourites, but I always remember they are there to entertain and I find nudity very attractive and entertaining. 
Perhaps not music videos, but a few examples of musicians sustaining a tradition of being naked and sexy from back in the 70's until today.

21 Jan 2006 'La Chambre' Projection vidéo et performance. Réalisation Karl LAKOLAK,
(Led Zeppelin Whole lotta love).
If you are impressed by this stunning visual performance see more on  their channel
UnderFilm on Vimeo
Dimitri Horostovsky
I saw this brilliant sexy Russian baritone in concert. I was sitting and standing cheering next to the very great, but sadly passed Australian Mezzo Margreta Elkins.

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