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29 January 2016

Bloody Carrie

Carrie The Musical
Visy Theatre Powerhouse
Wax Lyrical Productions
23rd January 2016
What happens when you have a city overflowing with talent, and acting and music schools adding more great talent to the mix with glorious regularity. Well in the best tradition of the young Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney you shout "Lets put on a show" (you have to go back to black and white films if you are too young to recognise). Well this is what has happened again in Brisbane with the creation of Wax Lyrical Productions and director Zoe Tuffin and producers Shane Pike and Joe Kelly's show 'Carrie The Musical' which I saw last night at the BRISBANE POWERHOUSE with Michelle Boyd and Phil . Sold out yet again and another standing ovation for some powerhouse singing, agonisingly good acting and a great production. 
There is a musical director/keyboards in town who has such amazing talent and I have seen or heard so many times in the last year that in the not too distant future Dominic Woodhead will be referred to as Maestro. Endurance, powerful playing and tight adaptable supplement to the high caliber singers is his forte from my observations. This appreciation is backed up by everyone I speak to. Several concerts and performances at the Conservatorium and Heathers The Musical as well.

 Sophie Perkins evolution as Carrie was quite spellbinding and her voice had all the fear, confusion and explosiveness of this victim of bullying and it was she that led to the standing ovation last night by a super enthusiastic audience. As her wildly religious mother Jacqui Devereux was a sensation. A voice so powerful and warmly melodic brought cheers several times. All the singers had their individual moments to give a glimpse of the amazing talent I have enjoyed over and over since the beginning of 2015. I caught up with the astoundingly beautiful Georgina Hopson after her brilliant and sympathetic performance which justified her being the only one left standing. Such a brilliant voice I have grown to love so much since Pirates and Into The Woods last year, well actually since the first moment I heard her. Oliver Samson has been a favourite since I was convinced he sang just for me at a Con concert last year and it was wonderful to catch up before he heads off to Japan in a week for a 14 month contract performing. 
Dan Venz was there as choreographer and it was exactly a year since I saw him on stage for the first of several times. Non stop workers and contributing in so may ways to theatrical life in Brisbane. At last I caught up with the wonderful Thomas Davis and what a charming performer even though he was a particular bastard in the show. I had only heard him sing on Youtube before and it was sensational as he has been so busy with tours for shake & stir theatre co and Opera Queensland. Stephen Hirst has skipped from prince last year to teacher, but thankfully after being wiped out by Carrie's telekinesis he was well enough to shake hands after the show.
Once again Jason Glenwright brought his considerable magic to lighting the show and this intimate venue seemed to grow in size last night as they made use of every available space including the aisles, the back stage and occasionally where my feet were. The first person I spoke to after the show was Rune Nydal whom I also first met a year ago at the same theatre, singer dancer and lovely guy and so great to catch up yet again. I think I missed chatting to Tim Carroll, Jessica Kate Ryan and Alex Woodward but I was happily having a couple of beers so anything was possible. Tim and Alex were particularly memorable last year in 'Blood Brothers' which was a stunning piece of drama as well as music. At the bar I also ran into Joel Devereux who did the photos and programme cover, Lewis Jones the wonderful director/producer who has worked with many of these artists and once again Anthony De Marco whom I have yet to see on stage as he is studying at UQ and not on my bus route. And I had a brief chat with Michael Mandalios who was enjoying the show and 'being polite?' Looking forward to seeing him and others as they embark on year three at the Con.
 Me and cast members above and below
Music by: Michael Gore
Lyrics by: Dean Pitchford
Book by: Lawrence D. Cohen
Based on the novel by: Stephen King
Directed by: Zoë Tuffin
Music Director: Dominic Woodhead
Choreographed by: Dan Venz
Lighting Designed: Jason Glenwright

Carrie White: Sophie Perkins
Margaret White: Jacqui Devereux
Sue Snell: Georgina Hopson
Tommy Ross: Alex Woodward
Chris Hargensen: Tori Bailey
Billy Nolan: Thomas Davis
Miss Gardner: Chloe-Rose Taylor
Mr Stephens: Stephen Hirst
Norma: Jacqueline McLaren
Frieda: Pia Frangiosa
Helen: Jessica Kate Ryan
Freddy: Oliver Samson
George: Tim Carroll
Stokes: Rune Nydal
I am thrilled to know around 18 people involved in this production

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