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26 July 2013

Project Rameau

Friday 12th July at The Playhouse QPAC
There are two internationally stunning companies in Australia who are regarded by many as the best in their field. The Australian Chamber Orchestra (founded in 1975) under the direction of the inspiring Richard Tognetti AO since 1989 is often touted as the greatest chamber orchestra in the world. I have been going to their concerts periodically for over two decades. The other great group is the Sydney Dance Company and they have been entertaining me also for several decades. They were formed in 1969 and renamed in 1979 and for so long under the direction of the great dancer and supreme choreographer Graeme Murphy with his outstanding co dancer Janet Vernon both of whom I saw many times. Early stars were people like Paul Mercurio whom I once chatted with at length in the Green Room at the Sydney Opera House when he was just new to the company and also stunning aboriginal star Kim Walker. Stephen Page who went on to found the Bangarra Dance Theatre of indigenous dance I once saw dancing Tadzio with Graeme as Aschenbach in After Venice.
To see both great companies performing together for the first time was a gift seldom seen and truly rewarding.
Today the company is run by the Spanish born Rafael Bonachela and Project Rameau is the first of his works I have seen on stage. The evening was so special and at one time I found the combination of music and dance soi beautiful I cried. 
Of particular import to me were two dancers whom I found captivating. Thomas Bradley who was used for the publicity and whose confidence, style and beauty compelled you to not take your eyes off him when on stage. He possesses true star quality that emanates from his subtle smile, original haircut and amazing elegance and ability. 

The other outstanding dancer of the evening was the very tall and perfect Andrew Crawford who was mesmerising and the flow of rhythm as it ripped along his extended legs and arms to his fingertips was just awesome to behold. Power and sweeping grace that has to be seen to be believed.

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