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16 January 2013

South Pacific

Tuesday 15th January and I went to the first musical I have attended in many many years. The main draw card for me was to see Teddy Tahu Rhodes and what a reward it was. His first appearance on stage when he sang Some Enchanted Evening knocked me over and I burst into tears. His voice is one of the wonders of the operatic world. Described as one of the most famous Bass Baritones on the planet he is tall, sexy and his voice booms as it resonates into your soul. We are so lucky to have him planted here in Brisbane for a month doing 8 shows a week. This is a stretch for his usual 3 opera performances a week. It is his first musical and how luck we are. The part was originally written forthe great Italian operatic Bass Enzio Pinza so it is just that we have a great singer performing the role.
The award winning production by the Australian Opera is from the Lincoln Centre in New York and has a star cast here in Brisbane which also includes the great indigenous Queensland singer Christine Anu as Bloody Mary, Lisa Mc Cune, the wonderful energetic Brisbane boy Gyton Grantley as Billis and in the role of the Lieutenant, the beautiful tenor Daniel Koek from South Australia who has returned to Australia from the premier London and UK production. Apart from the great production, singing and orchestra there was also the bonus of two stark naked boys running around the stage for a short highlight.
The awesome voice of the fabulously gorgeous New Zealander Teddy Tahu Rhodes in the more familiar repertoire of Opera. This clip from  Carmen at The Metropolitan Opera New York.

and another spectacular example of his powerful voice from The Messiah - Handel

Teddy as the extraordinarily sexy Don Giovanni
Beautiful Christine Anu and her most famous song 'My Island Home'
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