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23 October 2012


Just over 71% of the surface of the earth is covered by water and about two thirds of the human body is made of water. It is our great resource and life can not exist without it, so our little blue planet is just about perfect and so are we.
To have plenty of water is a sign of health and happiness and to be naked is to be totally free. You can be born or die in water. but how many other things can you do naked in, on, around, near, under and with water? One of the first erotic images I saw when I was a child was a picture in an RAAF journal of a group of young Airmen skinny dipping in a jungle waterhole. They smiled they were relaxed and they were alive. To me it was beautiful. Jumping naked into the water be it a river, a pool or the sea is one of the most exhilarating experiences available to a free soul. The tingle of the water on your skin is magic. It not only cleanses, but invigorates, refreshes and excites the sensations. The enveloping water can be warm or cold, it can heal and it can relax. We come into existence in the fluids of or mother's womb and perhaps this is why we find comfort submerged once again. Of course life itself came from the sea as did our earliest ancestors, so it is perhaps a natural state for us to occasionally return to that all enveloping world of water. Let it touch your skin.
A top choice of water fantasies would be
 God of the sea,Poseidon/Neptune.
Float under Water like David Pereira
Stand in the Water
Approach the Waters Edge
Surf on Water
Polluted yes! But Water can still look Amazing.
Play Sports on Water
Go Skinny Dipping in Water
Jump and Dive into Water
Look At Water
Reflect in the Water
and die like the mythological beautiful Narcissus
Be enticed into the water like Hercules lover Hylas.
Bathe in Water

Art and Water
David Hockney and Peter master the Californian Pool
Preserve History in Water
From Waterboys the Movie Japan
From the Australian Film Newcastle
with Zavier Samuel (Twilight Eclipse, Anonymous, The Loved Ones etc.)
Den Eisai Dentro
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