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23 September 2012

Circus, Shows and Festival

Another couple of days of intensely wonderful events for The Brisbane Festival.
Masterpieces from The Prado
Friday 21st September in the afternoon at the Queensland Art Gallery
I have never been able to get into Spain as all my trips since 1975 coincided with some upset which meant the border was closed or trains were cancelled. This was a great opportunity to get to see some of the great art works up close and personal as the visiting exhibition.
The imposing Prado Museum in Madrid. One of the great collections in the World.
The Queensland Art Gallery makes the exhibition a full experience with gatherings, music. food and hands on participation for artists all in the theme of a visit to Spain.
Some of the more than a hundred masterpieces on loan.
We also took a photo, drank a Spanish beer and glass of Spanish wine, ate some Tapas and went wild at the bookshop afterwards. The huge catalogue of the exhibition is now on my bookshelves.
Friday 21st September in the evening at the The Playhouse.
I have known of this show for some time and was hoping that a Facebook 'Friend' the spectacular Eike Von Stuckenbrok might still be in the cast, but he is currently in yet another show in Berlin. Not to worry though, as the performance was thrilling. From unbelievable displays of strength, agility humour and balance to we poor innocents in the audience being sprayed with jets of water, the evening was huge. Still I was sad that I did not get to see Eike's bare arse up close from the 3rd row.

Laser Show
After the show we stepped just outside in time for the 15 minute Laser show over the city and on the river that happens 3 times a night during the Brisbane Festival.
After All This
Saturday Afternoon at the Vizy Theatre at the Powerhouse.
The audience is gathered in the open space of the great old Powerhouse complex for this multi award winning piece. After instructions we were led down to a space outside one of the theatres and sitting on the floor we explored two children discussing a nativity play, death and the name of God. It is an exploration of the afterlife and soon we were taken in to sit on the stage as two scientists discuss and disagree on a formula that explains who or what may have made us. The ultimate step of this obsession with delusional contemplation of the unknown is taken when we were led to a room that evolves into a literally 'in your face' mass cult suicide. At last out of the darkness we stood again and were led in file through an acoustic wonder of a tunnel as the cast chanted and one felt herded in obedience through the wonderful reverberations to emerge outside the complex and released back into the reality of the world with a mind full of questions, and ideas. A great experience and I personally thanked the cast as I filed through their final guard of honour.
I War
Saturday Evening 22nd September at the Billie Brown Studio.
The Danger Ensemble Web
From The Danger Ensemble's previous production.
I war was the results of two weeks workshopping a new play/opera/ dance/ multi-media 3 hour extravaganza/zygote stage exploration of the the history, mythology and realities of War with a splash of hard video sex. Staged by a group called The Danger Ensemble, I hope to follow their work from now on. The 4 actors/singers/dancers playing Agamemnon, Acholles, Patroclus and The Greek Women we so fine. This is but one voice in what will be a much expanded piece and it was so tempting.
The guys in the cast - Photos and videos not from this production.
 I discovered a genius amongst the cast. Brendan Maclean who composed the music, sang beautifully, danced brilliantly and acted with passion. He is a gay Sydney based artist, singer, musician, broadcaster etc. I have included a couple of music videos below and some links.
Also an example of the wonderful and handsome Luke Kennedy who hails from Townsville here in Queensland. He has a great voice some freakishly high notes if you explore his dozens of other Youtube clips. Luke has, amongst many things, starred in Superstar and also toured the world with the Ten Tenors, released a CD etc. and generously thanked me for comments on Facebook.
Of course Luke Kennedy became a household name the following year 2013 on The Voice. Check this phenomenal duet out.

Then it was home to a renovations house warming party next door
Not bad for thirty six hours I thought.
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