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05 January 2012

The Beatles "Love Me Do" 1962

50 years ago
This is an early entry for an anniversary later this year.
It is 50 years ago this year since The Beatles released their first single "Love Me Do"
Composed in 1958/59 "I think I slagged off school to write that one with John when we first started" 
Paul McCartney.
There are so many anniversaries in 2012 and events that should be a lot of fun, however this one is to me one of the big ones that can be enjoyed. I remember the day back in 62 sitting in the back yard with my parents reading the Sunday newspapers when I saw my first photograph of The Beatles. I was a fan instantly. I have since bought the complete collection  four times as each new upgrade is released and have memories of standing on my chair in the 12th row when they played The Festival Hall here in Brisbane when I was fifteen. I became good friends with the girl who ran the Beatles fan club in England and she sent me so many packages over the years of exclusive recordings, posters, photographic negatives and all the news including the birth of her own child. It was so much fun.

Wednesday 6th June 1962:- From 6.00-8.00pm ( an early session so they could drive back to Liverpool) in Abbey Road studio two or three, The Beatles with George Martin recorded 'Love Me Do' and three other tracks.  This was an audition test session to see if they sounded any good. The drummer at the time was Pete Best and the tapes, not considered significant, were thought destroyed, but this version did emerge on the Anthology 1 set.

Tuesday 4th September 1962:- They flew in from Liverpool in the morning and then returned to Abbey Road  where they rehearsed in studio three from 2.30 - 5.30 pm and then from 7.00-10.00pm in studio two they made 15 takes of 'Love Me Do', one other track and a mono mix of 'Love Me Do'. McCartney was not happy with Ringo's drumming. He had just officially joined The Beatles the previous month on the 18th August.

Tuesday 11th September 1962:-  George Martin was not happy with the previous week's session and thought their first single could be better so from 10.00am to 1.00pm they re-recorded a few songs including 18 takes of 'Love Me Do' and the mono mix from take 18. Martin was absent from this recording and 32 year old musician Andy White was used on drums instead of Ringo who played tambourine.
Friday 5th October 1962:- The Beatles first single 'Love Me Do' is released. The initial release was from the Sept 4 session with Ringo on drums. In 1963 with the release of the EP 'The Beatles' Hits' the Sept 11 version with Andy White was used and this version has been used in all releases subsequent to this and Ringo's master tapes were destroyed. You can tell the difference by listening for a tambourine which is not on the Sept 4 recording.

On the version released on British single, Rarities and Past Masters:
John Lennon – harmonica, joint lead vocal
Paul McCartney – electric bass guitar, joint lead vocal
George Harrison – acoustic guitar
Ringo Starr – drums
On the version released on American single, Please Please Me, The Beatles’ Hits:
John Lennon – harmonica, joint lead vocal
Paul McCartney – bass, joint lead vocal
George Harrison – acoustic guitar
Ringo Starr – tambourine
Andy White – drums
On the Anthology 1 version:
John Lennon – harmonica, joint lead vocal
Paul McCartney – electric bass guitar, joint lead vocal
George Harrison – electric soprano guitar
Pete Best – drums

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